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Our newsletter editor is Cyntha Bell-Moores and she is always looking for original material to include in the South Shore Skeptic. If you have a contribution or a letter to the editor, E-mail it to Cynthia at or mail your contribution to

The South Shore Skeptics
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Sound and Other Waves by John D. McGervey, PhD/ Sonic Booms and Air Travel by John D. McGervey, PhD./The Best Documentd UFO Case of All Time, Meeting review by Bill Bazik.

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The Perils of Getting A Science Education byJim Kutz • Defending Reason In An Irrational World Review by Bill Bazik • Interim Report on Incorporation, by Elaine and Steve Hilliard • New Masthead Proposal
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Human Belief and Skepticism; Part II by Page Stephens • Lakewood Creation Controversy Meeting Review by Bill Bazik • Surfin’ for Skepticism; Meaty Reading on the Web, by Jim Kutz • Evolution is not a fairy tale, letter by Andrew Lutes

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