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AI USA: Ratify the Women's Human Rights Treaty
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Celebration of Women Writers ( including free downloadable books )


"All too often, works by women, and resources about women writers, are hard to find. We attempt to provide easy access to available on-line information. The Celebration provides a comprehensive listing of links to biographical and bibliographical information about women writers, and complete published books written by women . .

 "We are also actively involved in extending those resources. A major focus of the Celebration is the development of on-line editions of older, often rare, out-of-copyright works. We choose works from a range of areas to indicate the variety of interests of women writers..."


Rational Feminism

A brief explanation of terms and phenomena for perusers of feminist literature.

Skeptics sometimes make the mistake of 'battling  a straw man', by attributing to one feminist the beliefs of another.  There is no single feminist belief system.  In a 1986 Congressional exit poll conducted by ABC News, 57 percent of women who'd voted described themselves as "feminist", apparently in the generic sense.  They weren't organized around any particular leader, nor buying into any particular ideological platform.  Individual feminists tend to pick and choose among available ideas.  The "feminist movement" these days is synonymous with the larger womens' movement, which is primarily  a leaderless demographic movement into the workplace, and a pervasive cultural shift  brought about by  greater economic independence. Feminism originally meant  "pro woman".  Today it has come to mean a commitment to achieving  equality.  Feminist writings can be anything  written from a woman's perspective, or anything written from a nonsexist perspective by women or men.

 Equity feminism means "pro womens' equality", i.e. equality of opportunity based solely on merit.  Equity feminists may be male or female.  Many fathers for example want equal opportunity for their daughters and working spouses.  A  radical feminist is anyone who believes that only radical social change can bring about equality of the sexes.  A non-sexist is anyone who prefers equality.  Contemporary feminists  tend to be  highly skeptical of gender myths and gender stereotypes, which are equally damaging to men.  Feminists actively oppose irrational gender barriers to achievement, including protectionist laws.  The term militant feminist does not necessarily imply hostility toward men, but rather determination to tear down gender barriers on a timescale shorter than a lifetime.  No minority has ever obtained equality of opportunity just by asking for it, without some degree of militancy.

Feminism, and to a greater degree womens' studies,  includes the study and analysis of sexism, which is analogous to racism..  Sexism is prevalent in both males and females ( e.g. "All men are emotional and governed by hormones" ).   The terms "male chauvinist" and "female chauvinist" refer to persons  who form exclusionary groups, either because of prejudice, tradition, or lack of experience in forming working relationships with the opposite sex.
Womens' issues have been heavily politicized and propagandized.  For example, consider alarmist rhetoric about sweeping federally mandated  affirmative action at the expense of men.  In reality,  the recent Supreme Court decision in Adarand, requires "strict scrutiny" by the courts to ensure that federal affirmative action is only used as a remedy for past discrimination, , where the fallout from that discrimination would otherwise persist for years.  Affirmative action to the point of reverse discrimination is not legal, as was established in the Bakke case, won by feminist attorney Gloria Allred, to prove that legal equality can work both ways given competent legal representation and familiarity with the constitutional guarantee e of equal protection under the law ( 14'th Amendment ).  The courts have since moved toward that ideal by setting bounds on affirmative action.
Terms such as "eco-feminism" denote approaches to ecology and whatnot arising within the womens' movement, or by those who believe that women have a different cultural perspective on these subjects.  Others think it's important to have a separate womens' pipeline for perspectives which might otherwise get buried in an uncaring  male-dominated culture.  Male domination" refers not to a battle of wills, but rather to the observed predominance of males in positions of control.  Some feminists believe that Western culture would be very different if women ran it, although women in power can be just as ruthless as men ( e.g. Queen Elizabeth ).  Claims of innate superiority by either gender rest mostly on conjecture.
All gender issues benefit from rational thought, as do other forms of social change.  Reasoned approaches are especially important concerning legal rights and achievable goals of legislation, since the prime mover of womens' rights is the focus on legal reform and legislation.  Principles of law are susceptible to reasoned analysis and debate, outside the courtroom as well as in it.   Rational feminists have the same problems making themselves heard as other critical thinkers, and use the same techniques as other types of skeptics to advance critical thought.  Rational feminist dissent, like other forms of dissent, has benefited greatly from personal Web publishing and linking power.  As with other forms of civil rights and civil liberties, the ability to work effectively within the system and within the culture hinges on access to empowering information and communication tools.

Principles of equality are equally  applicable to both sexes, although men have not developed the systematic approach to equality that organized women have.  Men can however adopt and utilize the same principles of equality of rights.  Rational analysis of equality is central to sound law and public policy for both men and women.
It's important to realize that no-one speaks for all women or for all men  --  just as no-one speaks for all skeptics.   The womens' movement has been greatly influenced by free speech, which has led to a mix of evolving ideas, some more well-thought out than others.  Hence the value of online dialog and information.
In addition to the womens' movement per se, there is also the potential for non-gender-specific nonsexist dialog.  Two of the South Shore skeptics operated a rationalist Non-Sexist SIG on the Cleveland Free-net from 1991 to 1999, when the free-net closed.  The degree of civility and rationality exceeded our highest expectations, in frree-speech debate which included radical feminists, fathers' rights advocates, rape activists, and equal rights activists of both sexes.  Similarly rational viewpoints are frequently evident elsewhere on the nets, and can be facilitated by linking to them.  The range of rational feminist thought is considerable, as is the range of scholastically valid womens' studies.

Womens' studies programs range from excellent to mediocre, like any other academic program.  The better ones set higher standards of historical accuracy, legal information about specific rights, and insightful literature from various periods of history, including historical quotes and writings illustrating sexist and non-sexist views and prevailing views in various subcultures.

This information supplants negative stereotypes, and empowers women and men to "attack issues, not personalities".  Students learn to network around discrimination, choose strategic targets of social change more effectively,  and understand the cultural roots of gender myths, as well as the dynamics of social change and how to expedite it.  The work product of those activities sheds light on other rationalist thought, increasing both the demand for rationalism and the perceived feasibility of rational approaches.    An important message here is that rationality need not be switched off when dealing with personal working relationships.  While not all human beings of either sex are rational, one can relate to those who are rational, b establishing a common ground.   --  J.K.

"As water turned to steam drives the mighty engine, so our anger transformed shall move the world."

--  Gandhi [who understood media politics]

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