Secular Humanism and Free Thought
"Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error."
-- Jefferson
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Secular Organizations for Sobriety ( Save Our Selves )
Humanist Email Discussion Lists ( hosted at, page of links to several )
Alliance of Secular Humanist Societies
The American Humanist Association
The Atheism Web Electronic resources
Campus Freethought Alliance -- Council of Secular Humanists
Online Library ( fulltext, essays and papers on humanism ))
Biblical Criticism and Commentary
Philosophical Exposition
Secular Living
Separation of Church and State
Social and Political Commentary
Links To Other Sites
Chapel Skeptics Humanists and Atheists
Council for Secular Humanism Membership
The Door
Electronic Free Thought Resources ftp e-mail lists newsgroups W
Famous Dead Non-theists
Free Inquiry Network of Northeast Ohio
Freethinker current issues
Freethinkers' Forum
Freethought New Zealand
The Freethought Ring
The Gnosis Archive
Haught's Articles and Links "from an old newspaper editor"
Humanist SIG on the East Florida Free-net
Internet Infidels
What Is a Humanist ?
Essays about, Rational Free-thought etc.
Documents and Manifestos, Coalition Statements, Consensus Statements etc.
No gods
Permanent Email Addresses Avail. from Internet Infidels
Religion and the Lack Thereof -- CSICOP's picks
San Diego Free Thought Website
Secular E-Mail Lists
The Secular Humorist
Secular Net
The secular page
Secular Web Library
Skeptics' Web
Skeptical Organizations link page
Electronic Freethought Resources (many sources of links )
Students for Freedom From Religion
UMAH Recommended Periodicals
Zen Links Religious & Not

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