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The best immutity to flakery, and the most enduring sense of wonder, come from the study of Nature

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 Download your free copy of The Unknowable, by Gregory Chaitin, as reviewed in the New Scientiest. Explores the limits of mathematical completeness, in view of Godel's Incompletenss Theorem.

"One thing I have learned in a long life: that all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike - and yet it is the most precious thing we have."
- Albert Einstein

600 Top Science Sites (_New Scientist )
American Council on Science and Health
American Physical Society
What's New In Physics (weekly news and searchable archive )
Andrew Skolnick Science and Medical Journalist
The Armchair Scientist Science & Technology Magazine Science (get answers from scientist-volunteers in a variety of fields.)
Astronomical and Astrophysical Links
Barriers to Women in Academic Science and Engineering
Best Science Links from _Scientific American
Chebucto Community Net Home Pages Science
Chronicle of Higher Education Academe This Week
Cleveland Public Library Sci-Tech Listings
CLWG Children's Literature Web Guide
CNN Interactive
Cold Fusion Report -- Energy Research Advisory Council, U.S. Dept. of Energy
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Critical Thinking Resources Longview Community College
Critical Thinking Glossary
Discovery Channel Online
Donald Simanek's Page
Electronic Newsstand
Fortean Times Online ( archives )
History Channel
History of Science Technology and Medicine (Virtual Library )
How Stuff
How Things Work Home Page ( U. Va. Physics Dept. )
Human Evolution Educ. Network ( Nat'l Ctr for Science Educ. )
Internet World Online
James Randi Show Live on Internet
Journal of Irreproducible Results
Journal of Scientific Exploration
Kid's Web - Physics
Kids Web A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Learning Channel Home Page
Magellan Science Links
Mark K. Hinders Ph.D. Explains Science Topics
NASA K-12 Internet Initiative: Online from Jupiter 97
NASA Space Science
National Center for Science Education
Nature International weekly journal of science
Nature Science Update
New Scientist
New Scientist Planet Science Beyond space and time
New York Academy of Sciences Education Resource
Noted Physicist Richard Feynman Explores the Paranormal
Online Journal Publishing Service --assorted science journal abstracts and indexes
Particle-Wave Duality (-- What It Is and Isn't (Prof.Victor Stenger)
PBS Online
PC Magazine Online
PC World Online!
Pediatric Points of Interest
Physics Central ( public info site sponsored by Amer. Phys. Society )
Physics FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )
Physics News Update ( Amer. Inst. of Physics )
What's New In Physics archive ( Amer. Physical Society )
Popular Mechanics (how things work)
Popular Mechanics Magazine
Popular Science -- What's New
Popular Science Magazine online
Randi Foundation Scholarships/Prizes For Student Projects/Essay
San Jose Mercury News (Silicon Valley)
SAS Membership Directory
SchoolHouse Talk Science
Science 20: Science & Pseudoscience
Science and Society
Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies
Science Links
Science News
Science Subject Index (highly specialized)
Scientific American table of contents
Ask The Experts
Society for Amateur Scientists
The Scientist
TechSightings ( daily reviews of best high-tech sites on the Web )
Top Science Graduate School Rankings ( U.S. News and World Report )
Virtual Computer Library Journals
The Virtual Library -- Science
Windows Magazine PC Tips News & Reviews
Yahoo! - Science
Yahoo Amateur Science
Yahoo Social Science Anthropology and Archaeology Organizations

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