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ALEX Archive: of Electronic Fullttext ( thousands of downloadable books )
Aphorisms Galore
Australia, National Libraries Of
Bartlett's Quotations ( click for look-up )
Bible search engine / compare versions )
Book Index (Taner Edis)
Books by James Randi
Books On-Line: (author index to fulltext)
Books Out Of Print (Bowker's Catalog search)
Books Through the Internet ( CWRU link list )
Campus Newspapers on the Web
Cleveland Index (CSU)
Cleveland Local Resources (Cleve. Public Lib.)
Cleveland News Index (search)
Cleveland Organizations Online
Cleveland Public Library Online ( some areas require Clevenet library card # )
Click Here To Search the Internet
Consumer World's Big List of Internet Resources
Conspiracy Dictionary ( Arc-Hive )
CPL Electronic Resources (requires Clevenet library card #)
Dictionaries and Glossaries ( links specialized dictionaries, e.g. medical )
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
EFF's Extended Guide to the Internet
e-zine-list Georgia Skeptic
Electronic Magazines ( topical index by John Labovitz)
Electronic Newsstand
Files By Mail ( over 17.000 topics from the Skeptic Tank )
Find Broadcasters (AJR)
Find Magazines / Publishers By Category (AJR)
Find Newspapers / Publishers (AJR)
Free-Nets & Community Networks
Genealogy Links to over 10,000 Sites
Great Books Online (Bartleby Library)
Great Quotes from Great Skeptics

Government -- Federal, Agency Locator ( via Library of Congress online )



Judicial Branch

Government -- State and Local, Locator Links

Gumshoe's Guide to Web Searching ( _PC World_ )
Health Encyclopedia ( ) added 3-05 ( nedical encyclopedia ) added 3-05
History Net
Information Please Almanac -- also Culumbia Encyclopedia and Webster's Thesaurus
Index By Topic ( to Skep Inquirer, Skep Briefs, Skep UK and Fortean Times )
Internet Providers In Your Area Code
Internet Public Library
Law -- Findlaw
Light Reading Links
List of Lists (1,000+ email news/discussion lists, textfile .
Magazine Links (Secular Web Library)
Microsoft Browser Add-On Site ( if you use Explorer )
Netscape Browser Add-Ons
Newspaper Links (CPL)
Newspaper and Cartoon Links (CWRU)
Occult Dictionary
Ohio Govt. Links
Ohio Library Links
On-Line Books Page
Online Journal Publishing Service --assorted science journal abstracts and indexes
Online journals
PC World Magazine -- Product Reviews, How-To Articles Etc.)
Publically Accessible Mailing Lists ( subject menu )
Project Gutenberg ( out-of-copyright classic books available for download by the thousands )
Randi's Psychic Challenge ( $1,000,000.00 reward ).
Re: QUEST dot Net
Research It! Thesaurus, Language Translator, zipcodes etc, etc.
Research Links -- ICR
sci.skeptic FAQ
Science and Education Resources
Search All of Usenet News within the past 12 months
Search Cleveland Public Library Catalog
Search for an attorney with West's Legal Directory (Basic Searc
Search Libraries In Ohio (OCLC)
Shareware / Freeware Archive / Reviews ( _PC World Magazine_ )
Shareware Archive (
SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography Taner Edis)
Skeptic Tank Archive ( and 17,000 files by mail )
Skeptic's Dictionary Download
Skeptics' Dictionary ( click for look-up )
Statistical Abstract -- U.S. Census Bur. -- social and economic stats by tear
Switchboarrd ( locates people )
Usenet Search ( last few years ) / tips
Alta Vista
Deja News
U.S. Senators' and Reps' email addresses ( look up )
UFO Dictionary ( Arc-Hive )
Virtual Computer Library Journals
Virtual Reference Desk -- find almost anything.
Web Servers - Magazines Newspapers
Weird Science Dictionary (Arc-Hive)
Which Search Engine (Is Best? depends, _PC World_ )
Yahoo Business and Economy Newspapers
Search Tips
The most powerful search features on free sites are often well hidden by design, behind a slew of ads. Look for buttons that say "advanced search" or "power search". If you've been to that site before, look for different-colored links your browser remembers ( and set it to remember infefinitely ). Always bookmark power-search pages when you come across them. If a site is badly cluttered, but you know it has power-search features, do an edit / find for the word "search".
Some sites WILL link to many popular-topic sites and search engines not in direct competition with them ( e.g. a bookstore site may link heavily to "automotive" ). A hobby-supply site may link heavily to non-profit hobby sites, and vice versa. Good links bring viewers back, and more hits mean more advertisers. Such link collections tend to be stable, and hand-picked links are often better than automated search results.
Link-intensive sites generally put their links in plain view on the front page, under the heading "related sites", "other sites" or "links". Grab any you find useful, either by bookmarking or by dragging them onto a blank page you create. Browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer have a Web page editor that can create Web-type pages on your hard disk. This lets you organize your finds, without having them held hostage by a browser.
If a link page no longer exists, shorten the address to find the home page menu.
Example: If you can't find
try just:
Your browser keeps an automatic history list of sites you've misplaced.
Use your "back" button to return.

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