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Public Policy v. Political Correctness

"The superior mind will find itself equally at odds with
the evils of society, and with the projects that are offered
to relieve them.
-- Emerson, "The Sceptic"

( last updated 12 / 26 // 99 )

See Also Law and Legislation, Watchdog Groups, Fraud, Civil Rights, Pension, Public Policy, Voter Info Sites

Center for Responsive Politics ****

Tracks money in politics (both parties), to see who's responsive to what. Comprehensive financial disclosure database, including Senate, which declined to put its disclosures on the Web.

Project Vote-Smart ****

Non-partisan. Tracks legislators' voting records, and how often they voted with or against each special interest. Collects 'report cards' from various special interest, on how well or how poorly each candidate complied with their wishes overall.

ACLU News Wire 11 15 96 DC Mulls Licensing Beggars
Campaign and Election News -- C.Q. Links
C-Span Networks
C-Span Public Policy Forumss (join in)
Congressional Glossary
Congressional Q&A
Church State Separation and the Radical Religious Right
Close Encounters, of the Illegal Kind
CNN Interactive
Congressmens' Voting Records (search, Congressional Quarterly)
Democratic National Committee
E-Mail Addresses for Congress
Electronic Frontier Foundation ( free speech, privacy online )
Encryption Policy Resource Page
Digital Future Coalition
Institute for Civic Renewal (Ralph Nader)
Internet Privacy Coalition
Mother Jones Online -- Interactive Exposés and Politics
Noam Chomsky Library (MIT lecturer, alternative worldviews)
links (to MIT lectures etc.)
Political Texts Online
The Necessary Illusions Page
books (sources for)
Ohio Revised Code, Regs, Constiution,Legislation (search) Issues ( link site )
Propaganda Analysis: Home Page
Public Journalism in North Carolina This Year
Ralph Nader Links
Republican National Committee
Scientology v. the Internet
Stanford Youth Voting Experiment
The Noam Chomsky Archive
U.S. Code Online ( Congressional Law Library )
U.S. Senators' and Reps' email addresses ( look up )
Voters For None of the Above
Washingtonian Magazine Online
Washingtonian Online Old Town Restaurants
WHAT'S NEW by Robert L. Park Friday 13 September 1991 Washingto
Z Magazine A Political Monthly
Law Journals on Public Policy
Columbia Journal of Law & Social Problems
Howard Scroll:The Social Justice Law Review
The Human Rights Brief -- Amer. Univ. fulltext
Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy
Other Journals on Public Policy -- Findlaw

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