Paranormal Powers

( last updated 9 / 2/ 99 )

Assassinations Foretold in Moby Dick
Books by James Randi
Charles Tart's parapsychology papers archive
Claims of Indian mystic Sai Baba (Indian Skeptics)
Paranormal claims of Sai Baba ( BC Skeptics )
Cold reading
Koestler Parapsychology Unit
The Mysterious & Unexplained
Noted Physicist Richard Feynman Explores the Paranormal
Occult Dictionary
Psi Factor ( tongue-in-cheek with ghostbuster Dan Akroyd )
Psychic & Paranormal illusions entertainment talks demonstratio
Secrets of the Psychics (NOVA)
Skeptic Tank Archive ( and 17,000 files by mail )
U.S. Court of Appeals December 1994 decision, Geller vs. CSICOP
X-Plainable Files ( Upper NY Skeptics )
Xochi's bibliography of skeptical works on the occult magick wi
YPN Unexplained Phenomena Across the Board

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