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Australian Archive
Australian Skeptic Journal
Bay Area Skeptics' HOT NEWS ( factual and hilarious )
Bay Area Skeptics newsletters -- 1997 ( as text files )
Connecticut Archive
CSICOP Skeptical Inquirer
The Door
Fortean Times Online ( archives )
Hawaii Rational Inquirer ( U. of Hawaii )
Index By Topic ( to Skep Inquirer, Skep Briefs, Skep UK and Fortean Times )
James Randi Show Live on Internet
Journal of Irreproducible Results
Magonia -- "Fellow Travelers on the Ship of Fools"
N Texas Archive
Randi Hotline Archive
Rational Enquirer articles by title
Reason magazine
Saucer Smear
Skeptic Magazine ( Britain )
Skeptic Tank Archives
Skeptical Briefs Archive (CSICOP) selected articles)
Skeptical Inquirer Archive (CSICOP)
Skeptical Inquirer on the Electronic Newsstand
The Skeptical Review
WebSkeptic Magazine ( E. Bay Skeptics )
X-Plainable Files ( Upper NY Skeptics )

Science Pubs With A Skeptical Bent

Journal of Scientific Exploration
New Scientist
Science and Society
William Corliss' Science Frontiers

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