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The trick to finding what you want is to browse various link libraries. Each collection has a different focus and different recommendations, though there's  some  duplication.   This is the only known way to cover the entire Web.

The Active Mind Directory
Australian _Skeptic_ -- Index by Topic A-L
Index by Topic M-Z
Bart Koene's Collection of Skeptic Links and Servers
Conrado Salas Cano: Excursions Into New Age / New Science
Crank Menagerie
Debunking Pages by Robert Sheaffer
Fellow Travelers on the Ship of Fools
Garrison Hilliard's EFN page
The InterNet Skeptic's Resource Page
Kooks Museum
Light Reading Links
Recommended and Noteworthy Books and Magazines
Research Related Links
Rocky Mountain Skeptics' Links
Skeptics' Links ( Cornell )
Skeptical Sites (Jim Lippard)
Tim Riehle's Skeptic Links
Skeptic Links (G. Walsh)
The Skeptical Review (Internet Infidels)
UK Skeptics Links
The Witch Hunt Resource Page
The World Wide Skeptical Web (Over 700 Links)
Witch hunt Links
WWW Sites for Skeptics
Yahoo Skeptics Links

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