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10 Worst Net Sites for Health Info Weblinks
Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research
Center for Science in the Public Interest Home Page
Characterization of Quack Theories (Russell Turpin)
Chelation Therapy
Clinical ( search clinical trials )
Cut-Rate Health Insurance Fraud
Dictionary of Medical Terms
Ephedrine Litigation
FDA Backgrounder Top Health Frauds
FDA CFSAN Information for Women on Food Safety Nutrition and Co
Federal Trade Commission Health and Fraud Page
Weight Loss Claims Resulting in Fines Or Consent To Stop Making The Claims
Get a Second Opinion
Glossary of Popular Medical Terms
Grateful Med ( search the medical literature at Nat'l Inst. of Health )
Hall of Quackery
Mayo Clinic Health (daily news on diseases treatments)
Health Encyclopedia ( ) added 3-3-05
Health Fraud and AIDS Statement by Randolph F. Wykoff
Healthcare Reality Check
Healthopedia ( Health encyclopedia ) added 3-3-05
Mayo Clinic Health O sis--daily news on diseases treatments dru
Medical Column
Medline Plus Health Information Sources By Category ( selected by Nat'l Inst. of Health )
Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy ( fulltext )
MigraineZine Hot links
Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
Next City Discussion Group Patients heal thyselves by Lawre
Phrenology as Quackery (reading shape of skull )
Pub Med ( search National Library of Medicine abstracts )
Quackery-Traditional Health Care Fraud
QuackWatch Home Page
Roundtable Interview Dr Stephen Barrett

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