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"The world needs trusting people. Otherwise who would us villains cheat ?" -- Boris Badinov


AARP Fraud Research Links
Assoc. of State Attorney Generals
Consumer Fraud Tips
Help Catch Mail Frauds
How To Pin Down Phone Frauds
Lose the Fat --Keep Your Money
Scholarship Scams
Consumer Archive
Consumer Links
Attorney General of Ohio
File A Consumer Complaint Online
Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada
Bur. Justice Statistics
Car Financing Scams June 1994
Civil Enforcemet Program -- U.S. Dept. of Justice
Consumer Credit Law Materials - Cornell
Consumer Fraud Education Links
Consumer Fraud Primer ( law page links )
Consumer Law Page
Consumer Information Center, Pueblo Colorado
Consumer Product Safety Commission -- Product Liability
Consumer Rights and Protection -- 'Lectric Law Library
Consumer Product Safety Commissionld's Resourc Directorys
Consumer Wor
Defective Product Liablity
FBI (contact info, divisions )
Financial Crimes Enforcement Unit ( U.S. Treasury)
Food and Drug Administration Fact Sheets -- Health Fraud

For food SUPPLEMENTS see Federal Trade Commissin

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection Page -- smart consumer links

Infoseek Consumer interests
Industry Guidance/Regulations -- Consumer Product Safety Comm.
Investment and Financial Service Fraud Links
Justice Dept. (U.S.) Fraud Section
telemarketing frauds by type
Leveraged Investments of Precious Metals
National Fraud Information Center (Nat'l Consumers' League )   1-800-876-7060
National District Attorneys Assoc.
Links to Safety Standards and Codes -- Netscape
Patent Promotion Fraud -- American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 etc.
Postal Service, U.S. ( search on "fraud" for in-depth articles )
Fraud Inforrmation -- report forms, statutes, FAQ etc.
Scams by Phone (alerts, tipoffs etc.)
Secret Service, U.S. -- 4-1-9 fraud schemes, electronic crime branch, counterfeit notes etc.
Securities and Exchange Commission -- enforcement page, investment frud alerts etc.
Complaints / Ofc. of Investor Education
Telemarketing Reloading & Double-Scamming Frauds March 1994
Telemarketing scams and frauds
 Whistleblower's Web Site
Yahoo Consumer Law
Better Consumer Advice Home improvement information and Q&A.

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