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It is very disgraceful and mischievous, and of all things to be carefully avoided, that a Christian ... should be heard ... talking such nonsense that the unbeliever can hardly restrain himself from laughing."

-- Saint Augustine in "De Genese ad litteram"

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"In the 1920s, several states banned the teaching of evolution. The 1925 Scopes trial resulted in the conviction of a Tennessee high school teacher. Only in 1968 did the Supreme Court declare such laws unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds. In the late 1970s, Arkansas andLouisiana required that if evolution were taught, equal time must be given toGenesis literalism. The Supreme Court rejected those laws in 1987. "

-- American Association for the Advancement of Science, presss release Oct. '99

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A number of schools have lost their accredation in recent yeas for substituting so called 'creation science' courses for actual science courses. 'Creation science' courses use discredited scientific 'evidence' to 'prove' an ultra- literal interpretation of the Bible creation story. This is only an issue when science credits are granted for such courses, while withholding from students the actual science which conflicts with such views. A small percentage of 'six day creationists' believe, for example. that dinosaurs and Man had to have been created at the same time, and that therefore teach fossil dating cannot be science. This in some cases leads to 'religiously correct' substitutions in courses dealing with geology, paleontology, astronomy, biology etc. Students taught this in the guise of science courses sometimes discredit themselves badly in the outside world. This doesn't happen in schools that teach theology separate from science, as most reputable schools do. Skeptical activity focuses mainly on examining the truth of specific claims taught as science. Most scientific skeptics have no quarrel with religion itself, which does not claim to be science. Most theologians agree that religious tenets can only be accepted on faith, and are not testable in the physical word. Scientific skeptics per se deal only with testable hypotheses in their role as skeptics. Some skeptics are religious; others not. -- J.K.
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I tire of these hacks of routine, who deny the dogma.
I neither affirm nor deny. I stand here to try the case.
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