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Cleveland Computer Community Calendar

Free or nearly free seminars and events in the Cleveland area

Cleveland Area Public Internet Servers

Organizations offering significant amounts of public information online.

Consumer World Internet Resources

Handy list of most useful search engines, sitelists, how-to sites etc.

Free-Nets and Community Systems Around The World

Free-nets collectively are among the largest providers of free information on popular topics ranging from family medicine to computing. They typically have Q&A's operated by knowledgeable information providers, and open discussion forums for each topic. You need not be local to join in most cases.

Greater Cleveland PC Users' Group (GCPCUG)

PC Computing Online
PC Magazine Online
PC Week Online
PC Wirkd Product reviews monster freeware and shareware archive, hiow-to info
ZDNet ( Ziff-Davis ) (

Rekated Sites:

Personal Technology Home Page
Web Robot Pages
How Web search engines work, and how to steer them toward your homepage



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