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Book Index ( Internet Infidels )
Books by James Randi
Books On-Line  --  author index  (Carnegie-Mellon U)
Compare Book Prices
Download Books (free,  The Skeptic Tank)
East Bay Skeptics Books and Tapes  (Catalog, Caltech)
Electronic Text Center at U.Va.  --  45,000 volumes
II Book of the Month ( Internet Infidels )
Index of Bibliographies (NY Area Skeptics)
Internet Public Library
Light Reading Links
Millenium Press / Skeptic Magazine Book List
New York Review of Books -- 1995-present
New York Times Book Review -- 1980-present
Noam Chomsky's Books (MIT Press Bookstore)
On-Line Books Page
Pacifica Hot Tapes ( Pacifica Public Radio, Public Affairs / Democracy / Freethought )
Project Gutenberg -- download free books in the thousands.
Prometheus Books United States
Science vs. pseudoscience: biblio. for teachers / librarians  --  FTP link
Spunk Press Catalog ( Noam Chomsky)
U. of Texas Online Magazines -- main index
Reference / Dictionaries Etc.
Weird Books Catalog
Weird Book Links
Women Writers, Celebration of, ( search, download )

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