he South Shore Skeptics is a colorful and diverse group as is the skeptics movement as a whole. To give visitors a flavor of the people involved in our group and their diversity of opinion. many members have submitted these Skeptical Autobiographies to answer the question of why we are skeptics and what we see as the role of our group and of the movement at large. Opinions expressed in these essays are those of the authors, and are not necessarily those of the South Shore Skeptics.

Page Stephens—Involvement Tied Up With Group’s Founding (Page is a charter member and long-time coordinator for the SSS)

Joseph Thomas Arendt—South Shore Skeptics Doing Work Worthy of Support

Steve Chekey—There Is A Need For Such A Group

William Cohen-Kiraly—Evolving Skepticism (Bill is Webmaster of this site)

Contributing Your Own Member Bio

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