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Dec. 6 2007

This website will be moving to:


effective Jan. 6 2008, unless we get the site moved earlier.

Please update your bookmarks

The maintainer's email contact will be changing immediately to:

jimkutz@sbcglobal.net -- Jim Kutz
( was formerly jimkutz@earthlink.net )

Please note that the South Shore Skeptics are presently dormant, though we continue to answer queries. We hope to restart the group at some point in future when there are sufficient volunteers.

Meanwhile, this website remains up to convey any news of the group, and because the extensive link library contains the names of a number of useful skeptical resources sites, link lists, and organizations. If the resource you're interested in has a stale link, type the name of the organization into a search engine such as Google, and in most cases you'll find a fresh link if the resource still exists.

We'll be updating sections of the link library, but have not found time nor volunteerism to do it yet. If you have skeptical links to suggest for the link library, pls. email them to jimkutz@sbcglobal.net. To contact the group's founder and chairman pro tem, send email to Dr. H. Page Stephens ( hpst@earthlink.net ).

Posted 12-6-07 by J.K.

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