Currently, I am using the 170 cu. in. 6 cylinder that came out of the blue falcon Jim and I retrieved from Pennsylvania. The engine that was in the my car (as it sat under the barn) was frozen up.


First I had to get the engine bay cleaned and prepped. Then I cleaned up the new (used) engine with with a pressure washer and a ton of Purple Power, painted it Ford Blue and popped it in the white car. (pics here) We knew the engine was pretty good since it make the trip from PA back to Danville without so much as a hiccup.


I would be happy to keep this engine except for the lack of power and the annoyance of the road pipe. It smokes like crazy at an idle and I'd like to be able to take a ride on the Parkway some day. So Jim and I have another engine now in the shop, a 200 cu. in. straight 6 from a junked Mustang that we got from Tivvy's Autocraft.


I guess I'd better get some more Purple Power, huh?