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updated 3/22/2010
Photos on PBase
(last update: 7/13/10 Chebeague Island, Maine)
More photographs than you'd care to look at. Travel ones, mostly, but some are from Pennsylvania and New York City.
Heimaey, Westman Islands, Iceland QTVR (last update: 2/25/04)
A QTVR spin amound the magical, little island where Keiko the killer whale lived out his last years. The photos were taken from the top of Eldfel -- the active, little volcano that buried half of the island's only town in lava back in 1973.
YouTube videos
(last update: 9/10/10 JimJim the Cockatiel)
Uh-oh. I bought a little Xacti in December. Something dreadfully time-consuming is resulting. Now I've bought a Panasonic 3MOS, too! Egad!
Turquoise Christmas, Little Cayman (last update: 2/07/10)
I will yet make the time to encode this as a single Flash video, and get that up here soon. In the meantime, this is part 1, filched from myself on YouTube. Part 2 is best accessed via YouTube.

Leafscapes (last update: 10/13/03)
Acrylic paintings at the Cornelia Street Cafe, through October 31, 2003.
The Tarot de Cooperstown (last update: 10/5/01)
In Seattle, Seafirst Gallery hung the entire Tarot de Cooperstown as part of the exhibition A Good Eye:Artists at the Ballpark from July 1-August 31, 1999.

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