A Long Way to Visit!

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We've been lucky enough to have had a number of visiting Sensei sled into our neck of the woods. Not that there are any trees here so there's no actual "woods"; trees don't grow very well at the Pole, which is made of metal, by the way, not wood. It's mostly ice, snow and the odd rock. I don't mean to imply that the rocks here are "odd"; our rocks are quite normal and within the proper range of minerals for our climate. I mean, they don't have some weird combination of crystals poking out of them. We don't have geodes sticking up all over the place. Thud!

We've been lucky enough to have have had a number of visiting Sensei here.

AaaRk Sensei was able to flag down a group of passing Roshi for a class in Zazen. They found sitting on the ice a little too much for their unblubbered butts and after hearing that we stand stock still for six months at a time with an egg between our feet, decided to quit their temple and take up professional Hockey. scottp.JPG (9K)

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We hosted the Annual Aikido-L Weblist Seminar, with the beloved George Simcox Sensei, the Blues stylings of Dennis Hooker Sensei, the smooth sliding Escobar Sensei, Chuck Clark Sensei, feteching in blue, and the inevitable Chuck Gordon, on the far right.

Gordon Sensei stayed on to teach and demonstrate what a Budoka wears under his hakama.

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There shall be only one!barb69.GIF (7K)akinpen.jpg (16K) Philip Akin Sensei, God love him, graced us with a class on proper Yoshinkan Hanmi.

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