Beating those Polar Doldrums

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Weapons classes have been cancelled due to our overall lack of opposable thumbs. Sensei is developing a new set of katas, based on the use of the beak against the sword, but the lack of volunteers is holding up progress.

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The Annual Sakura Festival at the Japanese Camp will last a full 15 minutes this year due to global warming; so be early and fall fast!

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Our Spring Sashimi Surprise Dinner is, as we all know, no surprise whatsoever. Hey, everything we eat is sashimi! Our thanks go to the Arctic Patrol for seeing that we all got home and for making no arrests.

Get ready for summer
It's time to put on an extra inch or two of blubber for those cold summer months. Our "Stand around and do nothing but drink" program will start earlier this year, due to popular demand.
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