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A Budoka with an egg between his feet

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Our Chief Instructor, AaaRk Sensei, spent several years as an uchideshi at the Rookery Dojo of Byrd Shihan and quickly became leader of the roost.

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After his first molt, he felt the wanderlust of Penguin youth and took a berg to Orlando, to study dance at Disneyworld while working as a bouncer at SeaWorld. He also is reputed to have been with the CIA during this period, but he will neither confirm nor deny. He was let go by DisneyWorld when he refused to cut his ponytail. No, penguins don't actually have ponytails, but he refused anyway.

He continued his Aikido studies in Orlando under a venerable old teacher, where he also honed his tai sabaki, his blues harmonica and his Elvis impersonation. He also added a few pounds, which he found useful later on.

Studying in Orlando
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While on tour, dancing at Disney Japan, he met Odoruyama, "Dancing Mountain", who introduced him to the world of Sumo. After gaining entry to the Azumazeki-beya stable, AaaRk, now renamed AaArk, fought his way to the top.

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Well actually, it was usually to the bottom, but his fighting spirit brought him the "Kanto-Sho" award in many bashos and he ended his career as "Maegashira 16-South!

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AaaRk Sensei also studied Aikido at Hombu Dojo and was a favorite uke for a number of teachers and served as deshi during O'Sensei's famous expedition to the South Pole

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He returned to Antarctica after the untimely freezing of Byrd Sensei and has been Chief Instructor and primary preener at Antarctica Aikikai for the last 10 hatchings.
He is the only Aikido Sensei who can do tenkan with 2 eggs between his feet (so far, that is!).
AaaRk Sensesi's book may be purchased wherever books by Penguins are sold.

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