Agile Project Management

Project Management seeks to define and control the tasks and budget to accomplish the goals within a defined period. In other words, a project has a start, an end, and a set of tasks designed to accomplish goals.

The difficult part is deciding how you do that, often with limited resources, constraining budgets and time, and to improperly defined goals. But, it’s only difficult until you know how to do it - then it’s only complex.

Business Analysis

Jim Dawkins LLC consultants have decades of experience in Business Analysis across many industries including
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Security (banks, hospitals, airports, etc.)
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Parts Manufacturing and Maintenance Management
  • Insurance
  • Retail Operations
  • Investment Finance
  • Accounting Systems

    We also partner with the best practicioners of Business Analysis and Requirements Management. Analysis of your business to discover the essence of your business processes.

    If you have experienced failures on projects because the solution didn’t match your expectations, perhaps the reason was that it is impossible to automate a business process that is ill-defined or misunderstood. To accomplish the required Business Analysis, Jim Dawkins LLC can provide or work with your Subject Matter Experts to refine the business process prior to clearly explaining it to IT development professionals who can then work with our QA staff to verify the implementation.

    Services provided may include Requirements Management, Business Process Reengineering and/or training in these disciplines.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance is more than just testing. The quality of software, the efficiency of business processes and the effectiveness of collaboration rely on a good understanding of the needs of the business. Quality Control techniques then compare the desired result to the actual results and Quality Assurance techniques make suggestions about improvements in existing systems or criteria for future designs that help the business meet it’s objectives. If your projects have not exhibited the results you desire, perhaps rethinking how your teams perceive Quality would be helpful.

    Jim Dawkins LLC can provide QA, QC, an training services on a single project, on your IT program, or across the company.

    Business Continuity Planning

    The first step is to analyze the business risks and assess the current ability to mitigate those risks. Risks usually include inability to occupy an office location or incapacitation of a data center. The likihood of a particular threat (flood, tornado, fire, etc.) to realize one of these risks to the business are analyzed and prioritized. A cross-functional plan can then be developed to mitigate the risks in priority order. The Plan documents may include an IT Recovery Plan, a Business Recovery Plan, and a Policy Statement. Along with prioritizing for major disasters, other (often-times more confined) disruptions are analyzed and managed.

    The duration and cost of a Business Continuity Plan can vary significantly depending on the complexity and diversity of the business, the amount of recovery planning that was built in, and the availability of cross-departmental resources to help provide the required business and technical information.

    Hourly rates are negotiable depending on the service provided, the duration of the project, travel and other factors.