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Shady Lawn Burn Miko

Two years old. Photo courtesy of Mary Sikes.


Miko is my favorite LaMancha doe so far.  You gotta just love those ample teats that are so easy and quick to milk.  Miko's second freshening udder is showing more capacity with nice attachments all around.  Miko is maturing into a beautiful doe.  Update:  Miko had mastitus June 2013 and was dried off because of an uneven udder.  She has developed a much deeper body, but I did not get a new picture of her this year.  The mastitus was caught and treated early, so fingers crossed that she freshens with an even udder. 

Show record:  1 X 4th, 1 X 1st

DOB:   3/10/2010                                                                          ADGA: L1580589

Sire:  Shady Lawn Burn It Up  (Shady Lawn Tumult Denali X Shady Lawn Classy Belle)

Dam:  SG Barnow Miki Ando 7*M   (*B SG Kickapoo Valley Travis X SCGH Tempo Elena 8*M) 


Dam Miki Ando

Photo of Miki Ando courtesy of April Hitch, Shady Lawn Dairy Goats.

Little Orchard KS Juno

August, 2013. 2-year-old first freshener

First Freshener


Show Record:  1 X 2nd
Thank you Bill and Martha for allowing Miss Juno to come here.  I have always admired the Little Orchard LaManchas for their bloodlines, beauty, and longevity. 

Show Record:  1 X 4th, 1 X Jr. GCH.

DOB:  4/15/2011                                                                         ADGA:  L1557026

Sire:  Kastdemur's Smooth Sensation *B  (Kastdemur's Watch Yourself X GCH Kastdemur's Orange Smoothie)         

Dam:  Little Orchard C Jade (South-Fork TLC Chancellor X SGCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy)

Sire Sensation as a Jr. buck

Dam Jade

Photos of Sensation and Jade courtesy of Bill and Marcha Griner, Little Orchard LaManchas


Deseret This Willow

Click here for Willow's page

DOB:  3/18/2012                                                                       ADGA: L1606253

Sire:  Pine-Springs Fancee This (Shady Lawn T. Benchmark X Pine-Springs Fancee Me) 

Dam:  Brookwood Bastille Wossum (Elm*Glen Bastille X  Brookwood Rialto Teasel)


Honey Road JV Monet

DOB:  2/21/2013                                                                            ADGA:  L1643891

Sire:  Little Orchard TG Bon Jovi *B (South-Fork JS True Grit *B X  SGCH Little Orchard BR Joyful Song 10*M) 

Dam:  Shady Lawn Burn Miko (Shady Lawn Burn It Up *B  X  SG Barnowl Miki Ando 8*M)


Honey Road SFHC Moonstone

DOB:  4/24/2014                                                                        ADGA:  L1685064
Sire:  South-Fork AV Hailey's Comet *B  (Kastdemur's AV Avalanche *B  X  GCH South-Fork Sweet Hailey 4*M)

Dam:  Honey Road JV Monet  (Little Orchard TG Bon Jovi *B  X  Shady Lawn Burn Miko)

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