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BIG NEWS: We have relocated to Florida. The boys and girls are loving their new home.  

*Update:  Entire herd CAE, Johnes, and CL tests were all again negative Feb. 2014. 
We have switched to non GMO feed and hay.  
Honey Road Dairy Goats is a small hobby farm located in north central Florida.  I have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha dairy goats.  I bought my first Nigerian in 2003 as a pet and was smitten right away.   It wasn't long before I started researching bloodlines and selecting from high milk production show lines for my foundation.  I met some LaManchas while visiting another breeder and could not stop thinking about their sweet, clownish ways.  The LaManchas were added in 2005.  
My former herdname was Spring Fever.  Due to conflict with using that herd name with ADGA, I used the name Spring Falls for a short time and am now using the herd name Honey Road. 
My goal is to produce animals that are the complete package...structurally correct, average or above milk production, naturally healthy without needing extra intervention to thrive, and an enjoyable temperament.  Like most people, I have a busy schedule and select for goats that thrive with low maintenance and does that have plumb teats that are good sized, well placed, and easily expressed. 
My goats get the best quality hay I can find, usually alfafa or alfalfa mix.  They get grain daily from Reedy Fork Organic Farm, and high quality loose mineral is available at all times.  IAll my goats are vaccinated for CD&T at 8 and 12 weeks and annually thereafter.  My entire herd is tested annually for CAE and Johnnies.  I have never had a case of CL.  I have bought goats only from breeders whose health standards are the same. 
Thank you for your interest in my goats.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to visit or just "talk goat." 

Member of:

American Dairy Goat Association

American LaMancha Club

CH Spring Fever Calista *D AR VEEE90

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Jill Bullock
Trenton, FL
(336) 553-8724