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Portal Leadership:
Co-leader of the team that built the portal in 2001 and leader of portal strategic planning process.
Led the communications team at our WABCO spin-off to create a portal for their new company.
Led a team to redesign/re-launch American Standard’s portal, focusing it on the Trane business; simultaneously re-launched Trane.com as a site for a publicly held company, not just for a business.
"A Portal People Actually Use"
Commended by Fred Poses, Chairman and CEO of American Standard for "building a portal people actually use."
Drove portal usage by creating an inviting, engaging user experience through user-tested designs and relevant content from our award-winning communications team.
    • Portal usage grew to 86 percent of employees as they accessed company news, engaged HR resources or obtained job-critical information (measured by unique users per month among employees with portal access).
Portal Sites to Inform and Engage Employees:
Managed online communications for the acquisition announcement, including the launch of an employee information site on the portal and a site for investors on Trane.com, both updated regularly.
Managed Web and/or intranet resources in support of:
  • Code of conduct certification,
  • Benefits enrollment,
  • Retirement choice,
  • Talent development,
  • Citizenship/environmental reporting,
  • Tsunami and other charitable giving,
  • and many more programs.

Managed the design and launch of 40+ high-value portal sites supporting company strategy and programs. Many of these sites appear in multiple languages including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • German and
  • Chinese.
Direct Messaging to Employees:
Implemented the first e-mail solution to allow direct messaging to all employees and key employee segments.
Regularly coached team members in a variety of professional matters; trained team members to write for the Web and other online communication best practices.