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Over the Web:

Led two redesigns of AmericanStandard.com to make the site a vehicle for communications to customers and investors.

Led a redesign of Trane.com to make it into a communications vehicle for customers and investors.

Developed a site to inform customers and investors about the American Standard Companies separation and regularly updated that site.

Collecting Customer Comments:

Created and managed programs to capture AOL member comments on policies and products. This information was circulated to the highest levels of the company.

New Member Education:

Created a full-featured site for new members with tutorials and other information about the AOL service.

Created the “AOL QuickStart” which gave new members the key information they needed to know about the AOL service.

Created opt-in e-mail programs to inform AOL members about features and capabilities available to them through AOL. This program grew from zero to 230,000 subscribers.

Used promotions on the AOL “Welcome Screen” to highlight selected content for new members.

Non-Profit Giving:

Built The Communicator newsletter (circulation: 60,000) into a revenue stream that generated $20,000 annual net profit by publishing a mix of news about ARC work in the community, fundraising information and volunteer profiles.