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Internal Communications at AOL:

A key player on the team that built the first professional internal communications for America Online’s member services group, serving 5,000 customer service representatives across six states. The AOL program included:

    • E-mails from senior leaders to each employee
    • A revised intranet site offering daily news on important issues
    • Messaging coordination with billing and technical support leadership
    • New product introductions
    • Town meetings and small group roundtables
    • Print publications
    • Supervisor communications
    • Quarterly evaluation surveys

Employee Ambassadors:

Managed employee engagement “Ambassador” programs recruiting thousands of employees in support of two new strategic products at American Standard Cos. These programs included:

    • Special intranet sites with online enrollment and product information
    • T-shirts and certificates for product ambassadors
    • Recruitment parties at each major facility with product demos
    • Regular e-mails to ambassadors with product news and program updates

Company Separation:

A member of the team that devised and implemented communications for the American Standard company separation, including:

    • Divestiture of the bath & kitchen business
    • Spin-off of the vehicle controls business
    • Re-branding of the company as “Trane.”

Promoting the Portal:

Created and implemented programs to promote MyStandard, the American Standard Companies portal.

    • This portal immediately received 10 times the usage of the old corporate intranet
    • The portal grew into a resource used by 86 percent of employees to get company news, engage HR resources or obtain job-critical information (measured by unique users per month among employees with portal access).

Benefits Enrollment:

Revised the online delivery of benefits enrollment information, turning a complex, multi-faceted process into a step-by-step approach that, in the words of one veteran HR leader, resulted in the “smoothest enrollment in memory.”