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In an era where communicators need to wear many hats, my skills can help a communications team get more done and accomplish their goals.


I’m a communications professional with a range of traditional skills – plus I have new media skills that can put technology to work in your communications program.. 


I’ve managed content for a Fortune 250 company on the company’s Web site and co-led creation of a global intranet portal – building it into a resource used by 86 percent of employees on a regular basis. 


Web and new media skills:


  • Formulating site strategy,
  • Developing editorial content and design,
  • User experience testing and
  • Evaluating site usage and user behavior.

Traditional communications experience:


         Managing communications campaigns,

         Developing and managing employee engagement programs and

         Editing internal and external print publications

         Supporting leadership communications and

         Writing news articles, letters and other communications materials.


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