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Who is Mr Math & Science?
Phone: 310.666.9431
Who is Mr Math & Science?

John Hocutt - Mr Math and Science

I'm a professional educator with eight years experience teaching in the South Bay. I hold teaching credentials in chemistry, mathematics, and physics (Calif Credential #40025000).


In my first career, I was an Air Force engineering officer and had a blast teaching at the Air Force Academy, launching three satellites from Cape Canaveral, and doing intelligence work on Soviet and Chinese rockets.


I think the coolest thing I got to do in the Air Force was to impersonate Capt Vladimir I. Tokarev, a Soviet Air Guards captain. Don't worry, even though I dressed up in a Soviet uniform and put on a Russian accent, I wasn't doing a "James Bond"... I was just a speaker for my unit's public relations program, The Soviet Technological Challenge. We found that people paid better attention to all our facts and figures when they thought one of the folks talking to them was a Soviet officer. The most fun part of the program was the question & answer time after the briefing when people would try to figure out if I really was a Russian... (we always told people who I really was before they left.)


I've been in school so long I've run out of fingers to keep track of the years. Although I'm pretty darn good at math and science, I'm not a genius... I actually got a "D" in one of my courses at Georgia Tech on my way to earning my Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree: I've lived through times where math and science were tough for me. After Georgia Tech, I went on to earn a Master of Science degree from the University of Dayton, and my teaching Credential via CSU Dominguez Hills.


I speak French and I'm reteaching myself German (it actually was my first language, but I lost it when my family returned from Germany).


I'm the proud parent of a daughter who's studying at Harvey Mudd College, a stepdaughter studying at Indiana University, and a son studying at Hawaii Pacific University.


Bottom line is I love to teach, especially when I can help people get on top of stuff that's giving them trouble... I feel I have a talent for figuring out what's wrong, and reteaching it in ways that you don't always see in the classroom. Let me help you! Give me a call at 310.666.9431.