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For those interested in learning more about Peruvian shamanism, I offer individual and group classes in shamanism, working with a mesa, as well as apprenticeships into the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT). For more information on classes and apprenticeships please contact me.

Mesa Classes

In a basic mesa class you will create, activate and learn how to use your own mesa. Once activated, your mesa can be used for healing of yourself and others, for communing with your spirit guides, for creating simple ceremony and for directing prayer and healing energies to others wherever they may be. The Pachakuti mesa includes a planetary dimension, for working with Pachamama and with humanity as a whole.


Apprenticeships into the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition are offered under the auspices of don Oscar Miro-Quesada . These are in-depth initiations into the two ancient Peruvian lineage traditions that make up the PMT. The apprenticeship consists of five intensive weekend gatherings. Each weekend immerses the student in one of the five directions of the Pachacuti Mesa Tradition. Apprenticeships include training and initiations into Peruvian mesa work, the classic three worlds of shamanism, as well as many levels of healing experience and journey work.

PMT Apprenticeships

For more background information on the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeships, please see: Heart of the Healer/

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

teaching mesaPachakuti is a Quechua word for “world reversal” or “world transformation”. Mesa is Spanish for table, yet in this case it also refers to a type of Peruvian Shamanism. Peruvian mesas are ritually empowered sacred altars that contain medicine tools for working with the seen and unseen beings, energies and dimensions of our cosmos. The history of mesa use in Peru is ancient, dating back millennia. Mesas are still in use today. There are many types of mesas, yet the purpose is the same: it allows the operator to address and work with the animate universe. Mesas assist the shaman in healing, ceremony, divination, blessings and other energetic & ceremonial operations.

The Pachakuti Mesa, as originated by don Oscar Miro-Quedsada, is a fusion of two great Peruvian lineages: northern coastal Curanderismo and southeastern Andean Paqokuna shamanism. It represents a cosmovision based in the five sacred directions. See more mesas

Glossary of words commonly used in Peruvian Shamanism. Quechua is the native language of many Andean peoples.

Word Meaning Language
Curanderismo Shamanic healing Spanish
Despacho Ritual feeding ceremony Spanish
Haywarikuy Ritual feeding ceremony Quechua
Mesa Shamanic healing altar Spanish
Pachakuti World reversal or transformation Quechua
Pachamama Mother Earth Quechua
Paqokuna Sacred payment people Quechua

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