Apprenticeship into the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT)

don Humberto
don Humberto, Q'ero healer
Apprenticeships are offered under the auspices of don Oscar Miro-Quesada. These are experiential initiations into the lineage that consist of both an immersion into Andean shamanism and a transformational process for the apprentice. Ideally suited to those who already have a Pachakuti Mesa with which they are working, this apprenticeship is open to all spiritual seekers and healers of any tradition, regardless of prior training.

As a senior teacher sanctioned by don Oscar, Judy leads in-depth apprenticeships steeped in ancient, lineage based Peruvian as well as cross cultural and modern shamanism. These apprenticeships consist of five weekend intensive gatherings involving active, hands on practice and initiation. This series is called The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal. The PMT is a profound yet practical, user friendly, living shamanic tradition dedicated to both personal and planetary healing. As Judy facilitates this apprenticeship, one's own innate healing and spiritual potential is awakened. The apprenticeship revolves around the creation of your mesa. This is a shamanically empowered altar, unique to you, yet following the traditional, ancient Andean template. The mesa provides a living, vibrational technology of the sacred from which you may draw upon and apply a vast array of shamanic healing modalities and capacities that have come down to u from over at least three millennia. Judy guides each student toward a remembering of who each of us is, as a living strand of sacred luminousity in the great Web of Life. The PMT is designed and empowered to promote the transformation of consciousness for those who choose to engage it, thus opening the way for the continued life and health of all sentient beings. The Heart of the Healer Foundation, the sponsoring organization, is dedicated to education about and sustaining all those indigenous peoples and practices that still remain on our planet.

For information on signing up for an apprenticeship series, or to start a group in your own area, please contact Judy at

Schedule of PMT Apprenticeships

For more background information on the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeships, please see: Heart of the Healer/, as well as Judy's personal page on The Heart of the Healer website.


mesas“Judy's knowledge and experience made learning this information flow with ease and grace. It has been an amazing experience that has changed my life forever. Thank you!”

PE, Kenwood, CA

“Judy is a phenomenal teacher. As a 10-year PMT mesa carrier, I have to say that this apprenticeship series and her ability to share this information increased my understanding ten-fold. My mesa is charged as never before and I am inspired to take my work with it to a whole new level.”

CP, Sonoma, CA.

"The Pachakuti Mesa is tranformative, rich and-light filled almost beyond telling. It has the power to transform you, your life and the world around you. It is a deep and beautiful medicine and Judy Hoaglund is a deep and beautiful healer. She is also a gifted teacher, a loving presence, a well of information and a being of light. I've been honored to be her student. Are you ready for the medicine? If you are, and Judy is your teacher, you will be in gifted hands. I cannot thank her enough for the positive changes that she has brought into my life.”

Terra, Greenville, SC

“Judy Hoaglund is a remarkable woman and healer. She has warmth, enthusiasm and passion. She is a shaman, guide, teacher, mentor, ceremonialist and friend. Her vast experience and understanding of the Pachakuti Mesa make her a gift for new and old practitioner alike. I feel blessed, honored and humbled to have had her as my instructor.”

Deborah S., Novato, CA

"The PMT training with Judy has added a huge piece to my understanding of the Peruvian Andean Mesa tradition. With great insight and a huge capacity for imparting wisdom and knowledge, Judy has become a big influence in my life and a good friend. With my Mesa in my healing space, I am much more prepared and empowered to face life's challenges by developing a direct connection to all the forces of nature."

Alan, San Francisco, CA

"The PMT Apprenticeship is life-changing. If it speaks to you, don't hesitate!"

ASE, Yorba Linda, CA

"My experience with the Pachakuti Mesa training has been far deeper than I could have imagined. My relationship to the Earth and spirit realms has become palpable in a way I could not have anticipated. At this point, I am nearing the end of the training program (I am 16 months into it) and feel I am just beginning to get an understanding of what the mesa has to offer. When I spend time with my mesa, and do healing work on others, quite simply - I feel better, more grounded and filled with gratitude."

Jnana Gowan - Mesa Carrier

"Judy Hoaglund has been a guide and teacher for many years. Her wealth of knowledge, consistent integrity, and supportive gentle spirit have had far-reaching effects in my life. With her assistance, and through the PMT, I have learned to love myself more fully and found a rock-solid path on the Earth. I can't recommend her enough."

Julia Goerlitz, Richmond, CA

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