Shamanic Healing

Using ancient shamanic wisdom, we can access profound levels of healing. This healing encompasses our four levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This healing also extends to our animate planet, to the myriad beings who inhabit it with us, as well as to Pachamama (Mother Earth) herself.

Shaman en Las Huaringas
Shaman at Las Huaringas, Peru

A shamanic healer works by engaging both the seen and unseen worlds on behalf of a client or community. Shamans see the universe as vibrational, interconnected and energetic in nature. When we live in ways that are out of balance with the natural, harmonious pattern, heavy, dense and dark energies are produced. If these energies become excessive, or are not removed in a timely fashion, illness can result. In some cases, damaging energies can be directed by a person, consciously or unconsciously, to create harm.

Shamanic healing engages natural energies, elements and forces to remove excess or blockages of stagnant, stuck and impeding energies. These blockages prevent the optimal functioning of a person in his or her physical or energetic bodies. Animal, plant, mineral and spirit allies may assist the healer. As undesirable energetic accumulations are removed, they are replaced with balanced, harmonious and life giving energies. These may be infused into the physical or energetic bodies of the person. This process allows one to access his or her “spiritual blueprint” of radiant good health.

I engage the following modalities of shamanic healing:

healing mesa

Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic breath work consists of rapid, deep breathing, combined with sonic driving music that puts one into an altered state. In this altered state, many healing modalities are available. Examples of these healing modalities are:

Both individual and group breath work sessions are available. The typical session takes about three hours. It includes instructions on how to do the shamanic breathing, as well as support, guidance, ceremony, and integration. This is an additional doorway to enter into direct perception and experience of the multiverse in which we live. It assists one in attaining healing, balance, wisdom and harmony. No prior experience is required. This healing system is open to anyone who has the true desire to heal.

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