Earth Honoring Ceremony

Altar Stone
Altar Stone, Machu Picchu
All life is interconnected in the Great Web of Being. Shamans know that, not only is everything conscious and alive, everything communicates with everything else. This includes light, love, natural forces and many seen and unseen inhabitants that, in one way or another, directly affect our lives. The Andean peoples have a long and intricate system of ceremony to ensure that humans are in right relationship with the rest of creation.

Right relationship allows us to come into balance and harmony with All That Is. This restores not only humans, but all life forms, to vibrant good health. Earth honoring ceremony is the practice of engaging in sacred reciprocity with nature. We acknowledge that we are dependent upon nature for our very lives. We give back to nature and the unseen world through ceremonial acknowledgement, prayer and ritual feedings that restore the web of life to harmony.

Despacho ceremonies

Judy despacho
making a despacho
Andean peoples have long recognized certain non-human consciousnesses as being responsible for all life and sustenance on this planet. These Unseen Beings and forces of nature are ritually addressed in a despacho or haywarikuy ceremony. This ceremony involves offering a banquet of various “foods” to thank and give back to the sources of all our nourishment. We also feed these beings to enlist their power and support for various human endeavors. This could be assisting a departing loved one to cross over into the next life, to ask for healing assistance or guidance on a new project, job or relationship. There are many types of despachos, each with its own intention. This thanksgiving banquet also forms an energetic connection to the Spirit Realm, carrying our prayers and gratitude for blessings we have received. I perform despacho ceremonies for both individuals and groups. See more despachos

Apacheta ceremonies

Judy apacheta
Feeding an apacheta
Another traditional Peruvian ceremony that I perform is building an apacheta. An apacheta is a ritually constructed stone cairn. Apachetas are found all over the Andean region, frequently built over vortices and places of power, or built to accumulate power. Once built, the apacheta is ceremonially activated to receive healing, transformational and restorative energies from the cosmos. It becomes an intensifier of these energies. Apachetas act much like Earth acupuncture needles, pulling healing energies into the planet's meridian system. As such, they can be used to feed, restore and re-awaken land that has been mistreated or neglected. The incoming cosmic and healing energies also assist Pachamama to make the changes in her body, that she needs to make, in a smooth and harmonious fashion. This ceremony can be done individually or in a group. See more apachetas

Other ceremonies

Other types of ceremonies that I perform include house clearings and blessings, weddings, funerals, baby blessings and life passages. Ceremonies are used to mark and celebrate significant events in our lives. The purpose of all ceremony is to connect ourselves with Source.


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