What is Shamanism?

Judy Hoaglund
Judy Hoaglund
Shamanism is an ancient body of spiritual wisdom that is tens of thousands of years old. It acknowledges that all that exists has consciousness and spirit as its source. Shamanism includes traditions that have arisen worldwide, encompassing many techniques, practices and knowledge that connect humans to all of creation.

In all shamanic cultures, the universe is known to be sentient. Everything is alive, conscious and able to interact with every other animate being. The shaman is one who develops a personal relationship with our animate universe. This relationship is for the purpose of bringing balance and harmony, to all worlds, through coming into right relationship and sacred communion with both seen and unseen beings. A shaman always serves a community, and works on their behalf, both individually and collectively.

Shamans work with a cosmology of three worlds: upper, middle and lower. These worlds are inhabited by countless seen and unseen beings, who are all part of the Great Web of Life. It is primarily through ceremony and sacred ritual, addressing the Spirit Realm, that shamans facilitate our coming into right relationship with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and all her inhabitants.

What is alchemy?

"A seemingly magical power or process of transmuting" American Heritage Dictionary. Alchemy is seemingly magical because we do not normally acknowledge its existence or mode of operation. Much shamanic work falls into this category.

Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Judy Hoaglund
Judy Hoaglund is a lifelong student of the Great Mystery, spiritual alchemy, the natural world and shamanism. Her travels in search of self-healing and wisdom have taken her to Israel, Turkey, India, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, all of Central America, England, Germany, Italy and Greece. This search evolved into a path of service and healing for all beings and our Earth. Since 1977, Judy has been working with those who come for healing and self discovery. In 2001, she began an apprenticeship into the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and Peruvian shamanism, with don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Don Oscar is the visionary originator of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Since 2009, Judy has been a senior teacher of The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, personally trained and sanctioned by don Oscar. She also teaches classes in basic shamanism, ceremony, healing, and mesawork. Judy uses intuitive guidance, Reiki and other bio-energetic healing techniques, in addition to shamanic tools. She lives in the North Bay Area of California where she maintains a private healing and ceremonial practice.

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