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Welcome to my Home Page.  Thanks for dropping in.

I hope you will find useful information here on breeding and keeping guppies.  Yes, that's right, guppies.   I have taken time away from the bettas to focus on breeding IFGA quality, high-end guppies,swordtails and very high end Japanese Goldfish

I'm still a sanctioned judge, former President and Treasurer of  the International Betta Congress.  I finished fifth in the IBC in the 2003-2004 show year.   I also belong and support the International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA).

Stop by the Guppy Galleria for the latest availalibilty of high quality Guppy and Swordtail breeding stock

Drop by the Japanese Goldfish Bowl for stock availibilty

I try to update as much as possible, so please visit again.

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  Jeff's Guppy Galleria - Winter 2012-2013- Click here
See photos of available stock, my show results, and IFGA award winning guppies.

Jeff's Slide Shows - Click Here
Now Showing - Double Dark Black Moscows, Double Dark Purple Moscows, and Green Moscows

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  Jeff's Newest Creations and Lines in Progress
Guppies,Swords and Japanese Goldfish - Photos and availability- Click here

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Jeff's Swordtails
Photos and availibility-Click Here

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newgif022606.gif (11020 bytes)         Jeff's Japanese Ranchu,Azumanishiki,Tosakin and Nankin 

Photos and availibility- Click here

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Jeff's Latest Lamborghini 2008 Gallardo

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Hey, Jeff here.  Besides raising show quality guppies, fancy Japanese goldfish ,and swordtails.My other interests include tournament bass fishing, bow hunting, time at the lake and ultra cool high performance sports cars.

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Corvettes Rock!

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Vipers Rule!

Smoke 'em if you got 'em   (Click here)

Pure Venom .... (Click here)


Wanna ride with me on the Kansas Speedway at 140 MPH ? - (Click here for video)

The LATEST to land in the garage  - Lamborghini Gallardo (Click Here)


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