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A Revealing Term What difference will a “wise Latina” make? And other questions (9/14/09)

Judicial Bogeymen To paint Sotomayor as a moderate, the Left has imagined a right-wing Roberts Court (7/15/09)

Betting Blind on ACES The House is all-in on Waxman-Markey, a bill it never had a chance to read. (6/29/09)

Philip Morris Gets Its Tobacco Bill A win for market leader, regulators, and nanny-staters may be a loss for public health.(6/15/09)

Climate Policy Crash The EPA is poised to regulate greenhouse gases without a legislative fix. (1/27/09)

Obama’s Political Science Adviser John Holdren is unlikely to usher in an age of free and open scientific inquiry.

Courts in the Balance The presidential election could affect appellate courts even more than the Supreme Court (10/31/2008)

Justice on the Ballot The Ohio supreme court has become more restrained. Will this continue after November 4? (10/28/2008)

First Monday Is the third term the charm for Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito? (10/06/2008)

How to Steal A State Supreme Court Goo-goo reforms are hardball partisan politics in disguise (07/29/2008)

What Happened to the ‘Conservative Court’? Lessons learned from another year of the Roberts Court (06/30/2008)

A Prize for McCain A meaningful alternative to special-interest subsidies (06/23/2008)

Running on Half a Tank McCain outlines an inconsistent energy policy (06/18/2008)

A Bear of a Problem Listing polar bears under the Endangered Species Act could have dramatic impacts (05/19/2008)

First Monday What next for the “Kennedy Court”? (10/01/2007)

Foul Winds for Renewable Energy  Environmental regulations and NIMBYism slow the growth of wind and wave power (09/28/2007)

Like a Virgin Prizes are more effective at spurring innovation than federal subsidies (09/24/2007)

It’s Cool in Here Bjorn Lomborg's Climate Advice (09/04/2007)

Judging Thomas 15 years of one justice’s greatest SCOTUS hits (08/13/2007)

Changing the Climate The Bush administration seizes the initiative on climate-change policy (6/12/2007)

Can California Catch a Waiver? The Golden State wants to make its own global-warming policy (5/24/2007)

Hot Times in the High Court The Supreme Court Pushes Climate Change Policy (4/3/2007)

Two Cheers for "Conservative Conservation"  Governor Sanford tries a conservative approach to environmental protection (2/27/2007)

Ohio's Issue Two Is Too Much  Seeking to constitutionalize an ever-rising minimum wage. (10/30/2006)

A Troubling Prosecution (w. Michael Berry) United States v. Rosen has its thorns. (8/21/2006)

Desperately Smearing Susan Liberal, pro-regulatory groups attack another Bush nominee. (8/14/2006)

All Wet Landowners may have won the battle against federal wetlands regulations, but lost the war. (6/27/2006)

Reporting Is Not a Crime (w. Michael Berry) Conservatives should think twice about criminalizing journalism (5/26/2006)
    [See commentary and debate on this article on The Volokh Conspiracy here.]

Energy Price Idiocy Politics Trumps Policy at the Gas Pump (5/18/2006)

Supreme Clean Water Day Considering the Clean Water Act on Alito's First Day (2/21/2006)

Environmental Enemy #1 Environmentalists Attack Judge Alito (1/3/2006)

First Monday A Supreme Court Term to Remember Begins (10/3/2005)

Property Rights & Wrongs Three Deserved Losses in the Supreme Court (6/29/2005)
[See Bullock Response and Adler Reply here

Junkets for Judges? The Non-Scandal of Judicial Conferences (6/23/2005)

Federalism Up in Smoke? The Supreme Court on Medical Marijuana (6/07/2005)

Not Activist Enough The Left's Real Problem with Justice Priscilla Owen (5/23/2005)

RFK Jr's Unreality Kennedy Discovers Another Right-Wing Conspiracy (5/02/2005)

Gross Politics Bush's EPA Nominee Is Going Nowhere for No Good Reason (4/25/2005)

D.C. Payola How the Federal bureaucracy Funds Its Allies (1/28/2005)

High Court High Anxiety How Federalism May Go Up in Smoke (12/01/2004)

The Disappearing Environment  Green Groups Failed to Inject the Environment into the Election (11/23/2004)

Bush's Mistakes How Bush Mishandled that Last Question (10/12/2004)

Race Tuning  Covering the Vice Presidential Debate at Case (10/6/2004)

Polluting the Truth  RFK Jr's Continues to Distort the Bush Environmental Record (9/15/2004)

Suicidal Folly  Disgust with Assisted Suicide Needn't Kill Federalism (8/19/2004)

Green Gridlock  Environmental Activists Join the Fight Over Judicial Confirmations (7/23/2004)

Sosa Justice  The Supreme Court Cuts of International-Law Suits -- This Time (7/21/2004)

Smoking Out the Cuyahoga Fire Fable  Revisiting the Infamous River Fire of June 1969. (6/22/04)

Environmental Enemy No. 1?  Watching BushGreenwatch (w/ A. Morriss) (5/26/04)

Kennedy's Crimes Against Fact  Dissecting RFK Jr.'s Critique of Bush Enviro Policy. (12/03/03)
RFK Jr. Responds (12/18/03)

Federal Fuel Follies  How Federal Oxy-Fuel Mandates Cause Environmental Harm. (10/22/03)

Leavitt Hold Up  The politics blocking Bush's EPA nominee. (10/10/03)

New Source Review Revue  How the president's critics distort the EPA's regulatory reforms. (10/01/03)

Post-Whitman EPA  The EPA Administrator's resignation is not a loss but an opportunity (6/02/03)

Too Few Fish in the Sea  The Overfishing problem is real -- so is the property-based solution (5/21/03)

Hot Suits  State AGs Try to Force EPA's Hand on Global Warming (4/30/03)

Earth Day Onslaught  Giving Environmental Bush-bashing a Reality Check (4/22/03)

Saddam Hussein, Eco-Criminal  The Iraqi Dictator's Anti-Environmental Reign (3/21/03)

Anti-Anti-SUVs - Part Deux  The Mistaken Anti-SUV Crusade Continued (1/25/03)

Easterbrook Off the Rails  The Mistaken Anti-SUV Crusade (1/21/03)

Plowed Under  A landowner's challenge to federal wetland regulation (12/11/02)

Dangerous Precaution  The Precautionary Principle's challenge to progress (9/13/02)

Treaties Don't Save Species  Why the Jo'burg Summit won't help biodiversity (8/26/02) 

Greens Go After Owen  Environmental groups attack judicial nominee (8/22/02)

One Bad Turn Doesn't Merit Another  Congress' unconstitutional legislation (7/2/02)

Free to Speak about Drugs  The FDA and the First Amendment (6/4/02)

Property Damage The Supreme Court's Tahoe decision (5/01/02)

Dull Green Shears  Cutting environmentally wasteful spending (4/19/02)

Endangered Science Endangered Species Act shenanigans (2/12/02)

Death and Federalism  AG Ashcroft and assisted suicide (12/06/01)

Wrong Way on Water  The EPA's arsenic decision (11/13/01)

The Framers' Design  On the importance of federalism  (11/01/01)

Environmental Danger (10/11/01)

How the EPA Helps Terrorists (9/27/01)

A New Green Offense (8/17/01)

Al's Way or the Highway (7/05/00)

Al Gore's Eco-Industrial Policy (6/27/00)

Gas Pains (6/19/00) Gas Pains II (6/22/00)

Not so Hot News (6/12/00)

W: A Better Shade of Green? (6/02/00)

Celebrate Earth Day, Cut Taxes (4/18/00)

Two Cheers for W's Enviro Message (4/04/00)



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