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About Free Market Environmentalism

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Free & Green: A New Approach to Environmental Protection
24 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 653 (2001)

Markets Don't Fail, We Fail to Have Markets (from Environmental Forum)
Capitalism and Sustainability (from The Good Society)

Environmental Protection through Private Action

Recent Media Coverage
The Economist Assesses Free-Market Environmentalism

Key Works on Free Market Environmentalism

A Selected Bibliography

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Free Market Environmentalism
by Terry Anderson 
and Don Leal


Ecology, Liberty and Property: 
A Free Market Environmental Reader

Edited by 
Jonathan H. Adler

Read the Introduction Online


Earth Report 2000Earth Report 2000: The True State of the Planet Revisited, edited by Ronald Bailey
[The Sequel to The True State of the Planet]


The Political Economy Forum
[A book series on free market environmentalism
edited and produced by PERC]



Competitive Enterprise Institute
Competitive Enterprise InstituteCompetitive Enterprise InstituteCompetitive

Enterprise Institute
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Environmental Studies at the Competitive Enterprise Institute


Political Economy Research Center

The Thoreau Institute / Different Drummer

Center for Environmental Studies (UK)

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