This course required that students create
what they thought was a piece of pornography. The university
President had a glut of critical Emails, especially after
conservative talk show “gurus” tongue-lashed the university, the
instructor, and the students who defended the class
(“inexperienced, unenlightened, dependent yet arrogant”). One
alumnus, a headmaster, said the course should simply have been
removed, and compared the situation to one at Harvard, where the
president forced resignation of an administrator who was
discovered to have pornography on his campus computer.

The course instructor, presently on sabbatical, may wish to teach
the course when she returns. If so, the college president has
said, the course will be subject to peer review. “The decision to
include production of pornography could have benefitted from more
collegial consultation from departments and programs.” This
prompted a protest from 12 tenured professors, who felt the
president should simply have defended the course against people
offended by the content and assignments. They felt it was a case
of academic freedom being threatened.