The reading of eight pages from Salinger's
novel on the college radio station caused a temporary suspension
of the program. A priest associated with the school had
complained about offensive language. The Vice President for
Student Affairs stated that someone had complained that "obscene,
vulgar, tasteless, and totally inappropriate"  language was being
used: "we do not ban books," he asserted.

The Vice President for Student Affairs recently stated that when
the action was taken, neither the priest nor the administrator
knew that the language was part of a literary text. Had they
known, the program would not have been pulled. A determination
should have been made regarding whether or not a violation of
“broadcast policies” had occurred. These policies are now under
review and will be clarified. New guidelines will allow students
to be clearer on what is permissible, and will allow
administrators to know what to do “when they receive complaints.”