At City College, a lawsuit was filed by an
angry  professor to shut down a college website containing
student evaluations of teachers. The suit seeks to award the
professor monetary compensation, to prevent further posting of
any "defamatory" evaluations of teachers, and to prevent the
College from providing any link to the site. Teacher Review was
popular with students, and had been operating since 1997. The
case is presently in litigation. The ACLU of Northern California
is defending the College.

A fraternity-initiated website at Clemson University evaluating
professors was removed until problems were solved, but in this
case the students themselves did the removing. After meeting
 with Student Affairs administrators to discuss the faculty concerns,
professors were requested to post their own comments
on their evaluations, and student submissions were posted without
being edited by the fraternity's webmaster. The Dean of Students
writes, "the student group wanted everyone to view their
evaluation as credible . . . . One particular faculty member was
really upset by the entire thing. I thought the [students] acted
responsibly throughout."