On the occasion of "Coming Out Weekend," the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Alliance decorated the quad with "chalk markings, posters and cloth
triangles supporting gay freedom and the gay community."  The
college, explaining that a private institution may interpret
freedom of expression according to its own needs in ways public
colleges may not, gave reasons for removing the markings: policy
excludes graffiti for aesthetic reasons and application for
suspension of the policy must be made in advance.

The situation raises issues of "appropriateness" vs "offensive"
expression, and whether the "time, place, and manner" was
appropriate--that is, did the decorations significantly hinder
the functioning of the university? The incident really speaks to
a university's desire to control what information is disseminated
on its campus vs. the needs of minority groups which express
their own tastes and values in  unorthodox ways. In this case, a
sit-in by gay students produced results in the form of a
"contract,"  funds for gay speakers, and creation of  a set of courses
relevant to gay issues.