Here is one of the images from Hecht's story; the illustrator is Wallace Smith.

Lawrence was not impressed, as his review in Laughing Horse shows (these quotes, taken from Witter Bynner's Journey with Genius,  include some words expurgated from the original review):

    "These drawings are so completely without irony, so crass, so strained, so would-be. There's nothing in it but the author's attempt to be startling....  The word penis or testicle or vagina doesn't shock me. Why should it? Surely I am enough a man to be able to be able to think of my own organs with calm, even with indifference. It isn't the names of thinks that bother me; nor even ideas about them. I don't keep my passions, or reactions, or even sensations IN MY HEAD. They stay down where they belong....
    ...all these fingerings and naughty words and shocking little drawings only reveal the state of mind of a man who has NEVER had any sincere, vital experience in sex.... If Fantazius wasn't a frightened masturbator he's know that sex contact with another individual meant a whole meeting, a contact between two natures, a grim recontre, half battle and half delight, always, and a sense of renewal and deeper being afterwards....The great gods pulse in the dark, and enter you as darkness through the lower gates.  Not through the head.
    Fantazius Mallare seems to me such a poor, impoverished, self-conscious specimen."