Bob’s Bargain Books;  Overstock Book Co. (6th ave and 42nd; 19 cent bookstore” on 42nd St.

Louis Finkelstein, Times Sq. Book Bazaar, 225-27 W 42nd St. Convicted in 1959;

Eddie Mishkin, Pub. Outlet    254 W 42nd   (premisses raided 1962)

Main Stem Books, Inc.   1607 Bway

Radio City Books 109 W 48th; 1227 6th (Sy Gainor, Max Feingold)

P Lewis (23rd; Mo Shapiro partner)

Abbey Books Corp 259 W42nd (Wm Sherman, p.23: owned by Hyman Cohen, who gave Martin
     Hodas his start

Book Land 147 W42 (premisses raided 1968)

C & G Novelties 105 W42 (premisses raided 1963, 1968)

Klein, Henry 205 W42 (premisses raided 1962)

Abbey Book Corp 147 W 42 (see below) (premisses raided 1968)

Carpel 259 W 42nd (premisses raided 1963)

Peerless Book Shop Inc 138 W 42   (purchased by Surretsky in 1967; premisses raided 1962)

Bee See Bookshop Inc 117 W42 (premisses raided 1968)

Book Land   147 W42 (premisses raided 1968

Broadway Bookshop “Times Sq–All pubs–Hardbacks–open 8AM-3AM) 1472 (1772?) Bway.
     Run by Jack Weiss

Broadway Bookshop 1543 Bway

Black Jack Books 210 W42  a store by this name was at 42nd
and 7th and was owned by Joe Brochinni, a soldier in the Tramunti crime family. Brochinni also
had a store at 136 W42, (premisses raided 1968) managed by Ralph Borello

Keystone Books (next store to Black Jack)

Forsythe Books, Inc 598 7th  (premisses raided 1962)

L&R Books 147 W42 (premisses raided 1968)

Robbins, Louis, Inc 147 W42 (premisses raided 1968)

Whitewater Books, Inc (“erotic books, paperbacks”) 224 W42(Carl Schonacher, Anthony Sparaco). (premisses raided 1968)

Midtown Books,  138 W42  1967, Bruce Surretsky, Martin Hodas