Let me offer a brief description of what goes on here:
     I have been selling  Professional Audio Equipment, Recording Equipment and Musical Instruments for over 25 years. Most of those years were spent working for some well-known Dealers and Manufacturers. While the money has often been good; I always wanted to deal with  People and Products that mean something to me, and to be of service to my clients.  I recently set up  JGS to do just that. I'm also having fun{That's me in the Paradise Café!}! 

    I saw my first National Resophonic Guitar when I was 10 or 11 years old at Frank's Music in New Rochelle, N.Y. I was impressed with the shiny finish. When was 17, I met Johnny Winter who told me  
about the guitar that he and many of my blues idols played. It took until 1989 for me to get my first National, a 1931 Style O {The shiny one with the Palm Trees!}. My friends convinced me that I should probably sell Nationals, since I liked 'em so much.So here we are  
    I ran into FXperts Custom Pedalboards on Web Mission for Cool Guitar Stuff! Turns out Greg is Good Guy with a way to clean up that Stomp Box Jungle! Want something different ? He also does Custom Racks ! 

    Wes Dooley at Audio Engineering Associates has been an employer off and on as well as a true friend since I moved to California in 1983. His enthusiasm for  MS Stereo, Live Recording and Vintage Mics {especially Ribbon Mics} is reflected in the products he manufactures and sells. In addition to the Coles Ribbon Mics,  AEA stands and Stereo Processors; Wes is in the process of developing a new AEA Ribbon Mic rooted in Classic Style and Design. Stay tuned for more on this!!! 

    Colin Broad is truly a genius! Wes introduced me to him. CB Electronics makes some of the most innovative products in the world for Film and TV Post-Production. Colin won an Academy Award for his work in this field. The IS-1 is the standard for ISDN synchronization and is recommended by EDnet and used by several major studios.The VS-1 Video Streamer is widely used with almost 100 units in service on Re-Recording and ADR stages everywhere, as are Colin's MR series Machine Control Systems. Want to run synchronous multiple frame rates simultaneously {Time Code and/or Biphase}? Colin's got something that will do it. He's also a fun guy. 

    Used Equipment isn't always regarded as very glamorous, and people who sell it aren't always regarded very highly. There's a lot of used gear out there and not everyone can afford or wants the latest greatest. Some used stuff actually sounds and works good. If I can help find a home for a piece of gear and make a little, the buyer , seller and I can all be happy. That works for me. 

Please feel free to Email me. if you have a question , suggestion or are interested in some of the gear listed at this site.


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