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Welcome to our family's web site. This web site was created just to have a little fun on the web and for us to keep in touch. This page is layed out much like a newspaper with "stories" on the main page and additional reference information available through the navigator to the left. The weather, provided by the Weather Channel®, has the current weather conditions, temperature, and other information for our home town, New Milford, CT. If you are a member of our family, have some fun. You will need to register to see the rest of the site.

Welcome to the 2003-2004 School Year School has begun!

This year, school began for Samantha on August 27. It is hard to believe she is now in second grade, but in some ways it is definately believable. The first day of school was quite interesting because the bus was very late for both pick-up and drop-off. That problem seems to be ironed out, but the bus still seems to come a bit later than it should.

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As most of you already know, when I added the picture gallery in June 2001, I secured the site. To access any of the pages, you will need a user id and password. You do that by registering.

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