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You knew it was coming, page two, it just had to be.  I'm sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss. Everybody says keep up the good work. So here we go, starting with Ziz March.

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Ziz March and Two Step 1907 Midi

Lincoln Centennial March 1909  Midi

Witch's Whirl Waltzes 1901. This one is an interpretive waltz and is not very musical, I don't think I'll bother transcribing any more of it. Midi

A Warmin' Up in Dixie 1899 Midi

The Mardi Gras 1897 Midi

Pershing's Crusaders 1918 Midi

Charge of the Light Brigade 1896  Midi

The Carnival King 1911 Midi

Flashlight 1909  Midi

Vanity 1919.  Here is a small sample of the music, maybe someday I'll do a little more. Midi

The Circus Parade 1904 Midi

Uncle Josh's Huskin Dance 1898  Midi

The Masquerade 1907 Midi

Hurrah! for the Liberty Boys, Hurrah! 1918  Midi

Ticklish Sensation 1914.  Its hard to see but there's a fly on his nose.  Midi

New York and Coney Island Cycle March 1896  Midi

The Triumphant Banner March 1909  Midi

The Jolly Balcksmiths March 1905  Midi

The Coney Island Cycle March is in really tough shape.  If anyone out there has a better copy and would care to sell it, let me know.

We'll Stand by the Flag 1898 Midi

Sheridan's Ride 1922 Midi

The Four Horsemen 1924 Midi

Kaiser Jubilee March 1913 Midi

Spirit of France 1919 Midi

March Victorious 1919 by Black, and again in 1923 by Paull Midi

If anybody is interested I'll explain how I make these images for the web site.  The pictures are much to large for the average scanner, even the small format ones.  So using a program called, "iPhoto Plus", U-Lead Systems seems to be the parent company, I'm able to scan half the image and then the other half and then "stitch" the two halves together, this program (iPhoto Plus) is an old program used with the old hand scanners to knit the scans together. The next step is to transfer the image to "Paint Shop Pro", JASC Inc., this program allows me a greater latitude for arranging the image into what you see.

I'll set these to music as I get time.  I received an e-mail from Arthur Nilson (Arthur.Nilson@unisys.com) who informed me that a program exists which scans sheet music into the midi format. It would make my job a tad easier.  For that info, I thank him very much.  I'll see what I can do.  Note:  I down loaded the demo version and gave it a try, it's called Midiscan 2.5 and costs $200 for the full version and $80 for the piano only version.  I wasn't impressed.  It does, as it says, make a copy of the music in the midi format and a very nice copy at that, however, to go through and make all the changes and correct the errors is a tough way to go.  I would rather do note for note and have it right the first time.  Hurrah for NoteWorthy. http://www.ntworthy.com

Remember to keep those comments coming.  jfeenstra@earthlink.net

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