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Here we go.  It's on to page three.  I've put 24 on a page.  I feel that's about as long as a person should have to wait for a page to load.  On my computer, to load the whole page, it takes about two minutes.  I would use thumbnails except I'm running out of free web space as it is, and thumbnails, with their corresponding pictures, take up a lot more space.

The Romany Rye 1904 Midi

Cupid's Awakening Waltzes 1899.  Here again is just a small sample of Cupid's Waltzes. Midi

Ring Out Wild Bells 1912Midi

Custer's Last Charge 1922 Midi
Custer's Last Charge Orchestrated by Tom Wetzel (TJWetzel@compuserve.com) it appears he spent a lot of time doing this orchestration so give it a try.  If you like it, write and tell him, I'm sure he would be delighted to hear from you. Midi

United Nations 1900 Midi

United Nations 1900 the tad harder to come by version with two women.

Arizona 1903  Midi

Roaring Volcano 1912 Midi

The Race Course 1910 Midi

Dance of the Fire Flies  1902   Midi

Top of the World 1926 Midi

Spirit of the U.S.A. 1924 Midi

Richard Carvel Waltzes  1901   Midi

Say Au Revoir but not Good-bye  1918, originally copyrighted in 1893     Midi

Armenian Maid  1919 Midi

Dreamy Oriental Melody  1920   Midi

Love's Fascination Waltz  1920    Midi

Just Because I Want You All The While  1919    Midi

Midst The Old virginia Pines  1901    Midi

Egyptian Glide Turkey Trot  1914 Midi

Egyptian Glide Tango   1914    Midi

Sweet Memories  1898 Midi

The Conqueror  1898 Midi

Asleep At The Switch  1897   Midi  (Looks black but it's really blue.)

Asleep At The Switch  Color Version

X-L-C-R   (Excelsior)  1899  Midi   ( Another blue one.)  The writing at the top says "Compliments of the Composer, Sam Rosenberg" It looks like it's been signed, but I'm not really sure, although the store stamp at the bottom says "Rosenberg's Music House, Cheyenne Wyo."  But wait, there's more.  This Excelsior Lodge No. 5 is located in Leadville Colo. and what do the letters A.O.U.W. stand for?  How did a Lodge in Leadville, a mining town, high up in the mountains of Colorado, contact a composer in Cheyenne some 200 miles away to compose a song for their lodge, and then have it published clear across the country in New York, all taking place in 1899, I'll bet there's a story here someplace.

July 6, 2002.  Got a note from Bob Riopel which clears up the mystery some what, he tells me that the letters A.O.U.W. stand for "Ancient Order of United Workmen".  He also sends this URL along with his note, the site explains the fuction and goals of the organization    http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/masonicmuseum/fraternalism/aouw.htm

Uncle Jasper's Jubilee  1898   Midi

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