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On to page four.  I'll transcribe the music as I have time.  However some of the ones on this page I don't own, therefore I don't have the music.

Get Off of Cuba's Toes   1896   Midi

My Black Bess   1899  Midi

He's Goi'n to Hab a Hot Time Bye & Bye   1898  Midi

I'd Give a Hundred If the Gal Was Mine   1901

I'll Meet You Love Along the Line  1900     Midi

Sunset   1897

The Thompson Street Cadets   1897   Midi

Down Old New England Way   1899    Midi

What Might Have Been  1896    Midi

I've Scratched You Off Ma'List  1897  Midi

Beautiful Flowers  1898 Midi

Ice Palace  1898 Midi

The Little Village Church -Yard Near the Sea  1898    Midi

The Old Church Door  1898    Midi

Mammy's Little Dinah  1899   Midi    an e-Bay image, where this cover went for $1025.00.  A record I'm sure

Della Fox Little Trooper March   1896 Midi

Queen of Beauty Waltzes  1898   Midi

You'll Always Find A Welcome For You At Home Sweet Home  1898    Midi

Cindy, My Black Bell Do!  1899    Midi

True To His Promise  1896

Beneath The Spanish Moon  1921

If You Were Only By My Side   1898

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