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They sure are becoming hard to find.

    When Johnny Goes A Camping  1901    Midi   That's Marie Dressler in the photo.

    Our Wedding Bells Will Ring Out Some Day.   1901   Midi

    A Flower From Irish Soil    1899     Midi

     Roxala      1901

Revelation    1901    Midi
          Where The Orange Blossoms Bloom  1901  (An Ebay Image)

          Plantation Echoes   1899     Midi

          I'll Be A Sister To You    1898

    It looks like it will be some time before I have enough material to fill this page, so I'll put in some extra stuff for the time being.

    The Ben Hur Chariot Race below is what I would call a first edition.  It was published in Richmond Virginia, by the E.T. Paull Music Co.  A really first edition would be published by the Richmond Music Co. of Richmond like The Strangers Story below.  The inked signature on the front cover is dated 1896.   The inside cover of Ben Hur has a letter sent to Mr. Paull from Gen. Lew Wallace congratulating him on the composition.

    The text of the letter is as follows:  "I have just heard the March called Chariot Race of Ben Hur, and make haste to congratulate you upon the composition.  I think it most admirable.  You are at liberty to say so in any form."
    Very Truly Your Friend Lew Wallace

    Then the other two early Richmond Virginia editions I have are Little Trooper March and The Strangers Story.

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