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Hanging on the walls in the movie room is our collection of E.T. Paull sheet music. We have (I lost count) different ones, plus a bunch of variations which is not a complete set by any means. I hear from the "King" of E.T. Paull collectors, Wayland Bunnell, that there are around 210 different titles. With the variations in these titles, i.e., size 11x14 or 8 1/2 x 11, different arrangements with different prices, reissues, and even different lithograph houses. Some of them with a single title will be printed in black and white then you'll see it in full color then maybe again in two tone all with the same title, and maybe other variations as well. There's somewhere around 600 and maybe as many as 800 possibilities, I keep finding more and more of them, maybe their right. At any rate, this is what the ones I have look like. If you like, you can click on the lavender Midi button to hear what some of them sound like, assuming you have a midi player in your computer. For most of the files, I have taken the music and put them in the midi format, one note at a time, using a wonderful program called "NoteWorthy Composer", http://www.ntworthy.com . As I have time, I'll do more of them.

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The Midnight Fire Alarm 1907 Midi

Battle of Nations 1915 Midi

Paul Revere's Ride 1905 Midi

Chariot Race March (Ben Hur Chariot Race March) 1896 Midi

Burning of Rome 1903 Midi

America Forever 1898 Midi

Silver Sleigh Bells 1906 Midi

The Hurricane 1906 Midi

Napoleon's Last Charge 1910 Midi

The Storm King 1902 Midi file

Women Forever 1916 Midi

The Midnight Flyer 1903 Midi

A Signal from Mars 1901 Midi

Battle of Gettysburg 1917 Midi

American Wedding March 1919 Midi

Paull's Hesitation Waltz 1914  Midi

Herald of Peace March 1914  Midi

Tipperary Guards March 1915 Midi

Legion of Victory 1921 Midi

Drifting Along to the Island of Love 1920  Midi

The Dashing Cavaliers 1911 Midi

The strangers Story 1894 Midi

The Dawn of the Century 1900 Midi

The Home Coming March 1908 Midi

Another bit of trivia about these pieces, I don't really know if it's true or not but it makes a good story. Because most of these pieces run about 5 to 6 minutes in length, longer than the standard phonograph record of the time which was between 3 and 4 minutes, and Mr. Paull would not let them edit his songs, not many of them appear on records. On the other hand maybe they just weren't good enough. (As a comparison Thunder and Blazes  Not a Paull Piece) However, you do see them on piano rolls from time to time.



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